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//Hello my lovelies

Just a little update to explain why there has been no news from me for so long. Besides having a lot going on in my life recentlty, Mmy laptop failed me and it seems that it’ll take almost a month to get it fixed. Now, I was able to get back to my old one however I’ve lost everything; my icons and also my drafts since I usually write my replies to threads on my computer. So until I get everything I need to roleplay in check, this blog is going to be on hiatus. It won’t take long though, I assume, only a few days. I miss being here, I miss writing and most of all I miss interacting with you all. Without know it, you ‘ve have been able to distract my mind from many things just by talking to my little nobleman and giving me reasons to think about his character more deeply. So thank you for that. Take care and i’ll see you all very, very soon.






"Bitch don’t touch my bochan"

That’s the whole show. 

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Day Three: Cannibalism

Week One: Shota

Model: Ciel and Sebastian

Your soul is what’s for dinner~

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Yana Toboso 


Chocolate | Yummag on We Heart It.

Reblog if your character has killed someone



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