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Ciel: * Shoots 12 people*

Ciel: Now if you’ll excuse me I must head home so that I can have some warm milk with honey while my demon butler tells me a bedtime story before I go beddy-bye.

~Guys… Guys… Relax…~ Spoiler alert!

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Ciel is bluffing I promise :l

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Character Development
Sebastian: Here is your milk with honey. Please enjoy!
Ciel: Tanaka says I shouldn't have too much honey or I will get cavities.
Sebastian: Ah. Then just for tonight.
Ciel: All right.
*3 years later*
Ciel: Cake, motherfucker!
Sebastian: Fruits and vegetables first, you little shit!
Ciel: Go to hell!
Sebastian: I am hell!


Here are a few sketches/drawings from Yana’s amazing sketch blog (which you must check out) that I felt that you guys needed to see.


Hot, is it not? || Edited By Me & Original By Yana Toboso


The boundaries which divide Life from Death
are at best shadowy and vague.
Who shall say where the one ends,
and where the other begins?

Edgar Allan Poe

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Read right to left cause I’m a massive weeb. 

Sebaciel watching scary films and maybe even this vid ;) Ciel does not do well with jumpscares and Sebastian is a massive shit. 

Based on a conversation I had with her-majestys-watchdog

My intention is to fade
and I will.