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"Why is everyone getting overly excited for Halloween? It’s only the first of October." 


Bruises and Battered Souls


The school bell rang, signifying the end of yet another dreary lesson. He had been practically staring at the clock until the class was over, and when it finally ended, he was the first student to exit the door.

The boy was wearing a long sleeved dress shirt that was b buttoned up all the way and jeans that looks just a bit too big on him. His sneakers were black and worn from overuse, and even had scuff marks on the toes. The boy had blond messy hair and icy blue eyes that could scare the souls out of hundreds if he wished. His exposed skin was pale and his mouth was curved into an annoyed little frown. Re-adjusting his backpack on his shoulder, he continued forward until he ended up in the cafeteria, where finally, he smiled.

He was one of the first ones there, so he picked a seat at a table where no one currently resided, and rested his bag down on the ground. He sighed, now relaxed, and laid his head down on the table. He was so happy to be out of class.

Soon, more students joined him in the cafeteria, and some familiar, friendly faces joined him at the table he was sitting at. Some patted his back and laughed, others just rolled their eyes and took out their lunch to eat. Alois, however, had something on his mind; A new student.

There was hearsay going around about a blue-haired boy with an eye patch registering in the school. Apparently, he’s rich, and living with some family in the states. Rumors have it that the boy lost his eyes to a grizzly bear- others say a crazy homeless man gorged it out with a spoon and ate it. Alois didn’t know what to believe, but he had a hunch those rumors were wrong.

Casually talking to his friends, Alois would look around on occasion for the new student, just dying to meet him and “evaluate” him. He had heard that he had the same lunch period as he did, but rumors were rumors after all, and at first, he couldn’t spot any new faces…

'Why?' That was the question that had been lingering in Ciel’s head since he stepped the ground of the school, all.day.long. 'Why?'….. He was having trouble finding his class in the morning? …. 'why'. He needed to pee? 'Why.' Whenever he walked the hallways he was watched by teenagers? 'why'. -Ciel always preferred to refer to them as such, because God forbid he considered himself as one of them, they were strange and they slightly scared him usually. He always thought that he skipped that part while growing, he went directly from child to adult, so their behavior seemed like a mystery to him at times.-  So…. he was saying… Teens would stare and whisper around him wherever he went, which was understandable though. Wether because he was the new student or because of his eye patch, he didn’t know. Probably the eye-patch, it always gained him some quick ‘discreet’ gazes. That day, he decided to wear his medical one instead  of the regular one. No need to be labeled as ‘the pirate’ on his first day. He was however, truly grateful to those who didn’t acknowledge his existence. ‘One cannot shine everywhere.’ he joked internally.

Still, that didn’t answer his question: Why.in.hell, did he need to go to school instead of having his usual tutor at home? He remembered vaguely going to primary school for a short while, however, the past years he was home schooled. His aunt and he were moving a lot because of her work, and they never settled down anywhere. Afterwards came the treatment of his eye, a surgery that went horribly wrong, and then he was able to convince Ann to let him have his lessons at home. And really he was fine with it. But since she got that ‘stable’ teaching post at that faculty of medicine, she insisted that he go back to school; ‘because it was important, now that they finally settled down, that her nephew had a normal life.’ She insisted so much, that Ciel said yes just so she would drop the subject. Now, he wondered if he shouldn’t have resisted a bit more, because again 'WHY?' The lessons were boring, he even already knew some of them! The boy though, silently congratulated himself for not wearing what she bought for him at least, rather preferring to to put on simple black jeans, with his favourite white T-shirt under a slightly large hoodie with a color that matched his unique sapphire eye and grayish/bluish hair. He loved his aunt, truly, he did, however in her enthusiasm, she sometime overdid things. 

Ciel noticed that he was somehow smaller than the others once he got to the cafeteria. With a sigh, he went to the coffee dispenser. He did a great job at ignoring all the gazes once more, he has long mastered that ability. He also, was quite skilled at gazing back in a way that would forbid anyone from approaching him if they so felt like it -this my friends, was an art, that was more impressive when he wore his black eye-patch, however Ciel advised anyone interested in this discipline to practice in front of a mirror for better results.- So far, it has worked in school. Other than curious gazes and giggles, no one has dared to talk to him yet. Good. He wasn’t planing on staying for long here, anyway. -He’ll convince Ann to get him his tutor back.-  He only hopped that it’ll stay like that at least until his coffee was ready so he might finally go home. 


That’s the shittiest story option I’ve ever heard Sebastian

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"Thank you very much!"

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Anonymous sent:

Please write a drabble of Ciel being in the hunger games and having Sebastian break in and kill everyone on the first day.

// It’ll be a very short drabble. That’s basically 100% of the time when Ciel is in trouble, like, he doesn’t even try to pretend to actually care anymore. He’ll just step in the field, yawns and waits until everybody dies, and then he’ll just:


"Are we done yet? Are we? I’ve been waiting for ages! why did it take you so long to kill a few kids… Stupid demon! We don’t have the whole day, because while you waltz around, petting cats, killing people, I have tea to sip, cakes to eat and cases to solve, you know? Bl" 


// Seriously though, I unfortunately didn’t have the chance to read or watch the movie, I just vaguely know what is going on, which explains how inaccurate what I just wrote is. But it’s on my list, so when I’ll do, I’ll give that drabble a try.

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