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Book of Circus Ending Theme spoof(???)

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…a route obscure and lonely,
Haunted by ill angels only
—Poe, Edgar Allan. “Dreamland.”  (via devxstation)

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Come on Smile, smile.

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Sassy Sebastian is my favorite


More new art from Black Butler: Book of Circus (黒執事 Book of Circus) in Animedia Magazine (08/2014). This illustration by key animator Tomoko Sudo (須藤智子) was included on a fold-out poster.

The Devil Wears Prada

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【黒執事】ぼちゃあっ!! | 麻 [pixiv] 

Anonymous sent:

i don't think ciel has a twin i think it was another part of his conscious talking to him



Ohh that could be right as well! The scenes Yana has been showing us are so vague that they could really be interpreted in any direction. But the reason I believe in the two Ciels theory isn’t just because of that scene, it’s because of multiple scenes and strange hints that we’ve been getting throughout the manga. Although I could always be completely wrong aha

Yana says that there is a big secret that will be revealed, a really important one (she mentioned it recently in her blog) so now to guess what that big idea is! But anybody could be right at the moment, it would be silly to rule any ideas out :D

"I had the "idea" from the very beginning. There aren’t many hints in the first volume though (just slightly referred to in some lines, reactions or in the background), because Kuroshistuji was originally supposed to be a one-shot. With the release of the 3rd or 4th volume, it was finally confirmed that Kuro will be serialized for a long time, so I started to provide more hints. I tried to give small hints which you don’t really notice at first read. I wanted the readers to get surprised when the secret is revealed and when they reread the manga. (05.07.2014)" - Translated by Bottan on Black butler.net.

oh good God why….