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Ooc post: Hiatus off (hopefully)

Hello again, dear guests, 

So for once, I want to apologize for my very long absence, I’m surprised that many of you are still following this blog, reblogging and liking posts, this is the main reason why I decided, to come back and give it a try when I seriously started to think about deleting it, or just stop roleplaying but I suppose, many things still keeps me attached to it, and to the muse as well. 

To be honest, I’m at what could be seen as a turning point of my life, and I really just lost interest in the muse, I couldn’t feel him around anymore, and thus I couldn’t write for Ciel. It felt as if something was lacking, I felt him to be shallow because I just couldn’t give him enough thoughts and musing as I used to be. 

However, the little sharing of arguments that occured the past days about how true the “two Ciels” theory could be or not seems to have awaken all the interest I had for that character, and well, I missed writing too. So I think it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try once more. 

So thank you again, for those who just followed, those who are still following, and I hope I won’t disapoint. Replies to threads are going to be slow -for now but they were certainly be there- but please feel free to send questions or memes (that I’ll be reblogging soon) for Ciel, the answers to them will be posted during the day. 

Take care my lovelies ;v; 

Anonymous sent:

This isn't hate or anything, I just want to hear your opinion on this. But if that scene with the two Ciel's is as clear cut as Ciel simply moving across to the other side why don't they just show us that? Why do they keep teasing us for so long, and how do you explain the reason why Baron Kelvin looks at the smiling Ciel, then looks over to the other Ciel who is hiding behind Vincent.

// of course ;w;  
// So I have to admit that I didn’t watch the preview I’m basing my statement on the screen cap and what I remember of that scene from the manga. 

// So based on that, I don’t recall the Baron smiling at two kids, and he’s basically obsessing over Ciel for all I know. And why would they show us? they’re teasing, it’s in the spirit of this serie, to keep us wondering and musing over that! just like what Yana herself has been doing, from the begining of this story, hinting, teasing, but showing the obvious? never. It’s not her style from what I’ve seen. You know, there’s always a plot twist with her, leading us somewhere, and then Bam! it’s not what you expected. And Ciel having a twin, isn’t just an obvious plot but also a very poor one that would destroy so much from his persona. He’s a character that has been building up for so long, what makes his strenght is that he went through all of this, with his true identity “Ciel Phantomhive”, without replacing anyone. Also, him having a twin just doesn’t convince me because, yes, he had a brother and basically everyone forgot about him? his aunts, his cousins, undertaker, tanaka…. It just doesn’t make sense to me at all. 

// Ciel is a very traumthized kid, his memories can’t be 100% sure, under the torture, the violence, he can hallucinate, and his memory would be blurry. I just don’t like that theory very much xD 

// I’m convinced however that there was another child with him in that cage, but for me, it’s not one who looks exactly like him, or his twin. that is all. ^.^ 

// I hope my answer is satisfying enough, dear Anon ^w^ 

// edited: Also, i just read your ask once more, for The Baron looking at smiling Ciel then at another one hiding behind Vincent, well, it’s a cut. In the manga, I even remember Vincent apologizing for his behavior, since Ciel is very shy around strangers.  So….the child, greeted the baron, smiled, then hid behind his dad. That is a very normal childish behavior. i’m around kids that age a lot, and trust me, they can show a variety of emotions in a very short lapse of time, that doesn’t mean there are many children around you. :l for instance, a child can laugh at your face, beging crying because you stole his candy and immedialtely laugh again with the tears still on his cheeks, when you give it back and assure him you were joking. I know it because I did that once :l XD 

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Oh my god there are definitely two Ciels in this scene what is happening

// Okay, so can we please just take a moment, to think about this? For me, this doesn’t prove at all that the two Ciels theory is true. I mean, Ciel here is young, he’s a 6 years old kid (or whatever his age is) have you ever seen a 6 year old holding still for more than 5 seconds? because the ones I know don’t :l He’s a kid at a party, excited to see so many people since usually he’s not allowed outside much because of his poor health! he’s also very shy around people, he might just jump from side to side of his father whenever someone tries to talk to him. I mean seriously, there’s so many explanations to this, why do we always go to the two ciels theory? :l 
// Also, -and that’s probably what is going on here- there’s a mistake in the frames :l simple l: it happens a lot.
// I’m not fond of this theory, but I think that sometimes we over read things way too much, if there’s two Ciels, the manga plot will give us even more hints, or just reveal everything in time. ;) 


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ART HISTORY MEME; 9 paintings:
Still Life with White Roses, Vincent van Gogh [4/9]


/that/ scene from Kuroshitsuji 89

OKAY SO. I’m aware that this show is some serious bloody stuff between people and demons just to clarify. So before u say i have gone too far (yes i have, i know) let me explain u a thing. 

Introducing: Babbu Butler: Season One. Kuroshitsuji.

I am so in love with this series it was impossible not to babbu it. Some alterations, as always, as they are children: since everyone’s a babbu it means Ciel and Lizzy are logically even more babbu. I’m aware babies can’t do deals with demons but considering Sebabbu Michaelis is a tiny demon himself, well. There’s kitties and safety scissors and binky rings and bonnets and that’s as far as I’m stretching this.

Season 2 up next! 

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